Nat Russell Art show at Mollusk SF!

Mollusk Surf Shop is pleased to present Space is a Place, a solo exhibition by Nathaniel Russell. Space is a Place, March 24 through April 7, 2012. Opening Reception, March 24, 7-10pm. With Andy Cabic playing records.


Birds in Flight

It's so rad to see the photos of when people get their boards and also when they use them. The photo here of Isamu walking to the surf in the show reminds me of a Nat drawing. Stoked all around! Thanks for the photos Isamu! - TBF :)


How They're Made...

Take an old deck and trace out a shape. Grab your saw and cut that puppy out. Rip off the grip and any stickers and sand it down. Apply paint and or new graphics and a clear coat and you're ready to roll!


Custom for Isamu

Custom Two Birds Fly
5'-6" Wingless Quad Fish 21" x 2-3/8"
Art by Nathaniel Russell
Shaped by Manuel Caro, Mandala Custom Shapes
Glassed by Moonlight


For Sale!

Two Birds Fly Lana Porcello, Shaped by Manuel Caro - Mandala, Glassing by Moonlight. Dimensions: Length: 6'-0'' Nose: 14 3/4'' Widht : 21" Tail : 15" Thickness : 2 1/2" removable lock box quad fin system, $1400


Custom for Serena

Marc Andreini 8'-8" Serena Model, Chambered Balsa, Custom For Serena Mitnik-Miller


Custom for Chad

Custom for Chad with Art by Serena Mitnik-Miller ©2011