Velocity Skateshop, Taranaki, New Zealand

     We are back from our research trip to New Zealand! We were fortunate enough to meet some amazing people, see some amazing places and do some, well, AMAZING stuff! This post will be the first of many detailing our trip to En Zed. Growing up in Southern California, I frequented many a local skateshop, both as a grom and as an old grom. Shops like, E.T. in Hermosa Beach, where I first purchased a skateboard, to Spyder, to Gremic in Huntington Beach where I hung out when I was in high school; these were authentic skateshops where you felt like you belonged.     
     Velocity Skateshop in Taranaki is run by Mark Samuels, an old school skater and surfer who only sells skateboards. I was fortunate enough to be able to skate with Mark at a local ramp in the area and was stoked to learn quite a bit about the orgins of skateboarding in New Zealand, local spots and skate lore. His dog charged the ramp and is the first dog I've ever seen run up the transition, make it to the platform and chill. This shop is an authentic old school "real" skateshop. When you're in New Zealand, go check it out!


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