two birds fly

Two Birds Fly is an organic approach to surfboard building that emphasizes the arts. Each board is hand made, hand drawn and hand glassed by local artists and craftsmen. More than just art on surfboards, our sleds are designed to be ridden. Experimental shapes, advanced shapes, highly individualized and finely foiled rails and tails, we want you to ride our boards. We are extremely grateful to nest our current family of artists and shapers, including Marc Andreini, Thomas Campbell, Jeff Canham, Manuel C. Caro, Amy Jo Diaz, Kyle Field, Rachel Kaye, Alex Kopps, Geoff Mcfetridge, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Lana Porcello, Nathaniel Russell, Johanna St. Clair and Mason St. Peter.
In an effort to keep our carbon footprint small, we've chosen a quality laminator, Doug Fletcher of the Santa Cruz Board Builders Guild to glass our boards. Two Birds Fly boards are carved from Biofoam, an agriculturally altered blank that utilizes about 50% organic content. For rudders and leg ropes, we have eliminate the use of plastic fin boxes and leash plugs replacing them with a more eco-conscious alternative fin made from bamboo by Marlon Bacon of 101 Fin Company.
Two Birds Fly is thoughtful in how materials and design can yield an eco-friendly product. We are mindful of the environmental impacts of our raw materials and manufacturing processes and we do our best to minimize these impacts. Two Birds Fly's ongoing commitment to understanding our environmental footprint is helping us evolve our business practices. As we do so, we will continue to share with you, the steps we are taking along the way to further build upon our green business foundation.

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